Andrew Riley


I have specialised in pensions, internal controls reporting and audit since 1994. I have worked at leading pension audit firms, specialist employee benefit consultancies and has been an independent consultant before joining Assure UK.

I’m known for work in developing AAF 01/06 and AAF 02/07 pensions assurance, and have worked with many types of pension schemes and third party pension administrators.

I have always been a pioneer in developing emerging pensions quality standards and good practice, from the previous years of the 2002 Green Paper ‘Simplicity, Security and Choice’ to today’s work on Relevant Trustees and DC quality features. I love getting other people onboard to demonstrate how good the work is that pension professionals can do to get the best outcomes for members and the business that supports them.

In my spare time I enjoy hillwalking, tai chi and cooking.

Telephone: 01295 477 250


About Progress

Progress with Assure UK is a cloud accounting solution and advisory service based in Banbury, Oxfordshire. We look after all your digital and online accounting needs.



9 Borough House
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Phone: 01295 477 250

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