You May Have to Pay Your Debtors Unpaid VAT

HMRC have recently updated VAT notice 726, a regulation that strongly advises traders to carry out due diligence on their supply charge. Meaning, in short, you could be held liable for unpaid VAT of another VAT registered business when buy/sell specified goods....

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5 Ways You Can Help Your Team Manage Stress

According to Forth with Life 85% of adults regularly experience stress. The main cause of stress for 25-54 years is work, so to put into to perspective 17 out of 20 of your employees are likely to feel stressed on a regular basis. Here are 5 things you can do to help...

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4 Things You Can do to Become More Mindful at Work

The Definition The definition of mindfulness is “psychological process of bringing one’s attention to experiences occurring in the present moment”. Motivational speakers often run seminars around the topic of mindfulness for self-improvement but it can also be used in...

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Time to Declare Your Offshore Income and Assets

HMRC are urging UK to tax payers to come forward and declare any profits earned from offshore assets. Overseas profits may be from undeclared holiday homes or oversea properties. The deadline to declare the income is 30 September 2018 under the ‘Requirement to...

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Spread the Cost of the Disguised Remuneration Charges

Last month we posted a blog about the deadline HMRC set for disguised remuneration schemes. Individuals are expected to provide all the relevant information to HMRC by 30 September 2018, and settle of preferential terms become the loan charge arises on the 5 April...

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Utilise Social Media and Grow Your Business

There has been an apparent shift from traditional to online marketing. Online marketing includes your website, marketing emails and search engine optimisation (SEO). Do you utilise all 3? I assume you have a website, you're likely to post blogs and see the value in...

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Additional Conditions for Rent a Room From 6 April 2019

Rent a room relief was introduced in 1992 to offer a wider range of low cost rented accommodation to individuals, meaning they had the freedom to move around the country to work. HMRC are looking to tighten the regulation and stamp out those using their properties as...

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What Makes a Business Innovative?

The Cambridge dictionary defines innovation as ‘a new idea or method’. Yet when many of us think about innovation we think of multimillion-dollar businesses that dominate their industry such as Apple, Google and Amazon. An innovative idea or business doesn’t...

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Would you use Amazon’s Alexa to Contact HMRC?

In an attempt to keep up with technological advances HMRC have introduced the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve efficiency and simplify processes. The innovation has been introduced to assist people with their tax credits. Amazon Alexa enabled devices...

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Moulding the Next Generation of Leaders

Identify the next generation of leaders Your managers are responsible for moulding the firms next generation of leaders. Access your current management team, what attributes they all possess? Can you identify any of these attributes in your team? Start building a...

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VAT Guidance Issued on Making Tax Digital (MTD)

HMRC have now issued detailed guidance on record keeping and return requirements for Making Tax Digital (MTD). VAT Notice 700/22 clarifies that spreadsheets are an acceptable means of keeping business records, provided that a bridging software is used to link the...

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Augmented Reality – The New Disruptive Technology

What is augmented reality (AR)? AR Technology became mainstream a few years ago tanks to Pokémon Go. The AR app game allowed utilised users campers on their smart phones and tablets to ‘interact’ with Pokémon characters depending on their geographic location. Ikea...

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What is a Personal Brand? And How to Build One

Personal Brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room. So how do you go about ensuring positive things are said? A common misconception is that a personal brand is all about the individual so in this case you. Infect its quite the opposite. Your...

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HMRC Deadline Set for Disguised Remuneration Schemes

HMRC have published revised guidance on settling tax liabilities in relation to the use of disguised remuneration schemes involving Employee Benefit Trusts (EBTs) and similar arrangements. In order to settle on preferential terms before the outstanding loan charge...

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